Chapter 39 : 珞珞如石










To become One, is the Dao

The sky is clear, when it is one with the Dao ; The earth is quiet, when it is one with the Dao ; The living is enlighten, when it is one with the Dao…

Disruption abound when the balance is upset

Towers are based on the foundations it is build on ; Empires are build on the backs of the people

Leaders should not be concern with status & titles ; Followers should not wallow in pity & envy

The highest honor, is no praises


No matter how precious and few there are of diamonds; no matter how common & plentiful are of stones

Do not crave for the sparkle in diamonds, embrace the strength of stones

A stone is as strong a stone, as a stone is.


(seek not the impermanence of status ; value the strength of character)