Chapter 41 : 道隐无名



上士闻道勤而行之 ; 中士闻道若存若亡 ; 下士闻道大笑之。不笑不足以为道。

故建言有之 : 明道若昧 ; 进道若 ; 夷道若纇。

上德若谷 ; 大白若辱 ; 广德若不足。建德若偷 ; 质真若渝。

大方无隅 ; 大器晚成 ; 大音希声 ; 大象无形。

道隐无名。夫唯道 , 善贷且成。


The nameless Dao ; accomplishes  


One who comprehend the principle of Dao ; earnestly carry out in practice

One who has concept of Dao ; remembers some of the time to practice

One with superficial knowledge of Dao ; may find it preposterous & laugh it off

The bright Path may appears obscure ; The Way may seems deficient

The robust Way may seems to be indolently lazy ;

The most substantial Way may seems to be empty & void

Thus the nameless Dao, accomplishes everything


One without knowledge, must acknowledge one’s ignorance

What one does not understand, one must not freely comment or criticize

In Life, one must cultivate objective observance,

Distinguish what can be seen, & contemplate the inconspicuous