Chapter 13 : 身为天下



Celestial body

When one is bestowed with favours or approvals, or when subjected to humiliations or shame; thus when one attached importance either of these feelings, it is akin to external forces acting on the body. Our reaction to these feelings or forces are caused by our bodies reaction to them, then consider what happens to these emotions when there is no body to adsorbs them? If you treat your body like the world, can it then envelope the world? If you love your body like the world, can you have compassion for all of the world?


To be bestowed with love or belittle with shame, shows the inequality of status. Do we need the charity or malice of others, to accord our own worth? When we bind & limit ourselves to our puny self, thus we become greatly affected by all that affects it. If we free ourselves and encompass the world as our bodies, are we then not able to embrace one & all?

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