Chapter 3 : 为无为

不尚贤, 使民不争。不贵难得之货,使民不为盗。不见可欲,使民心不乱。是以圣人之治,虚其心,实其腹,弱其志,强其骨;常使民无知、无欲,使夫智者不敢为也。为无为,则无不治。

Do not venerate those that have high social status, and people will not vie for fame & wealth. Do not attached high value to rarity, and the temptation to pilfer will fade. Strengthen both the body & mind, and undesirable wants & needs will ceased. Even the smartest & cleverest people, will not be able to tempt, those without greed or desires.


Inaction’s action

Strengthen the heart; fill the belly; lessen desires; build up your character. When one is self-sufficient, outside forces cannot exert control over you, thus you can achieve ‘inaction’ over external influences.

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