Quality time 质量 时间

Keep what is really yours; (TIME)

For, it is too late to spare,

When you reach the bottom of the cask.

Of that which remains at the bottom,

The amount is slight, and the quality is vile.

Quality time
Quality Time
Quality Time

保留 真正属于 你的东西:(时间



质量 时间
质量 时间
质量 时间

Spare not your time.

The quality & quantity that,

Remains is little & limited.

Value your precious fleeting,


Quality Time

Enough is not poor 足以 不穷

What is the state of things?

It is this: do not regard One as poor,

If the little which remains is enough.

Enough is not poor
Enough is not Poor

要将一个人视为 贫

如果剩下的 一点 已足以

足以 不穷
足以 不穷

How much Time is one left with?

Ask not how little time one has.

The little that we have left,

Is enough time, if we start now.

Enough is not Poor

Debt of Time 时间 债务

What fools mortals be!

Time, is the one loan,

Which even a grateful recipient,

cannot repay.

We allow the things,

which can easily be replaced, be charged.

Yet we never regarded the debt of this

Precious commodity, Time!

Debt of Time

凡人 是傻瓜!


即使 感恩者,

也无法偿还 的一笔贷款。

然而,我们 轻易允许

以事物 交换 更换 时间。


这个 宝贵商品的债务时间

时间 债务

Let not others take your time away.

Let’s not exchange your time for replaceable things.

Time is not a loan that can be repaid.

Understand how precious your Time is.

Debt of Time

Time Slips Away 时间 流逝

Nothing, is ours except Time.

Entrusted by nature with ownership of it,

So fleeting & slippery, that anyone who can,

often will oust it away from our possession.

Time slips away
Time Slips Away
Time slips away
Time slips away


大自然 赋予我们 它的 所有权,

时 如此短暂 滑溜溜 的流逝


时间 流逝
时间 流逝
时间 流逝

Nothing is ours,

Except our own time.

Let not it be taken away,

Nor slip away from you.

Hold onto your only

Possession, your time.

Stoic Taoist

Life Speeds by 生命 速快

Hold every hour in your grasp.

Lay hold of today’s task,

& you will not need depend,

So much upon tomorrow’s.

While we are postponing,

Life speed by.

Life speeds by
Life speeds by


掌握好 今天的任务。

您将不需要 取决,

此依赖于 明天的情况。

当我们推迟 的时候,

生命的速度 也快了。

生命 速快
Life Speeds By.
Take control of your Time.
Life speeds by

Take control of every hour, master today’s task. You will not need to depend on, tomorrow’s situations. When we put it off, Life speeds by…

Death has passed 死亡 已过

For we are mistaken when we look forward to death;

The major portion of death has already passed.

Whatever years be behind us, are in death’s hands.

Death has passed
Death has passed

当我们在等待 死亡时:

死亡的主要部分 已过。

我们的岁月早在 死亡之手。

Death has passed
Death has passed

Fear not what death will bring,

as yesterday has been claimed by death,

as well as the day before is in death’s hands,

so too, are the the days, months & years that are since gone.

Now is a good time to live life.

Not to purpose 没目的 时

Not to purpose

Largest portion of our life passes,

While we are doing ill.

A goodly share,

While we are doing nothing.

A whole, while we are doing that;

Which is, not to the purpose.

– Not to purpose
Not to purpose
Not to purpose

当我们 不称职时,

生命中的大部分 间 已过了,

好些时 什么都 没做成,

而更多时,在做 没目的

– 没目的 时

Moments of carelessness 粗心的时刻

Moments of carelessness

Make yourself believe that certain moments are torn from us,

That some are gently removed & that others glide beyond our reach.

The most disgraceful kind of loss, however is that due to carelessness.

Moments of carelessness
Moments of carelessness

让自己相信某些 时刻

早已经被 撕裂,

一些早已被 移走,

其他已 滑出

我们的能力 范围。